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  1. CAT presentation

    On the 10th of April 2019, I will presenting aspects of my thesis project at the Cyprus Acquisition Team weekly meeting. Working title: Language Loss in Cypriot Greek-speaking Adults with Neurogenic Disorders. Thanks to CAT for the invitation!

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  2. Pelican workshop at UCLan Cyprus

    On 21st of March 2019, 11:00-13:00, I will giving a brief introduction to static website generation with Pelican at UCLan’s Research Seminar Series. Natalia Pavlou will be giving a thorough introduction to Wordpress in the same workshop. Thanks to her and Sviatlana Karpava for the invitation!

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  3. Visiting Sarajevo

    Photo of the Miljacka River, Sarajevo 2018

    In Summer 2018, I was in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the Eastern Generative Grammar summer school.

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  4. First release for my Cypriot Greek keyboard (read more)

    I just published the first public version of a Cypriot Greek keyboard layout for GNU/Linux.

    It implements several of the typographical variants used to write Cypriot Greek in academic and literary contexts (a simple Greek keyboard layout is enough to type Cypriot Greek in its usual spelling which relies …

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  5. Τα /ɾiˈaʝːa/, /ɾiˈaʎːa/? Aspects of Yeísmo in Cyprus (read more)

    In April 2017, me and my colleague Andreas Pingouras presented our research on the [ʝː]~[ʎː] allophony in Cypriot Greek at the 1st Cyprus Undergraduate Linguistics Conference. We finally got around releasing our slides. We also discussed our research and the phenomenon in general recently, on Dr Spyros Armostis’ radio …

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  6. The homepage is no longer a placeholder! (read more)

    I finally adopted the theme I use for my blog as a more general-use CMS for a homepage. In the coming weeks I will try to upload material such as long-form papers, research findings, and software I wrote in dedicated pages. This will unclutter the blog considerably.

    So far I …

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